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  Hrishikesh Industrial Fabrics - Complete Industrial Textile Solutions !

The promotor Mr. Shrikumar Mimani of Hrishikesh Industrial Fabrics is a graduate from Silk and Art Silk Mills Reasearch Association from Mumbai passed in 1978 and since then involved in developing textiles for technical applications like filtration, umbrella, bolting cloth, meshing cloth, geotextiles, geotube and specialized fabric for defence applications.

In 1980 we had developed fabric with silver Jari yarn for rubber lining to elude missiles attack on ship thereby saving ships worth billions of rupees against fabric worth just Rs 5 lacs.

In 1981 we developed fabric for rubber lining fuel tank for one of the critical fighter tanks.

In 1981 we were the approved supplier of M/s, Hindustan Dorr Oliver Ltd. which are biggest supplier of filtration equipments to almost all the mining industries and paper industries in India.

In 1992 we introduced fabric in India to cover roof and the walls of building to control water seepage due to rainfall applied with the help of chemical. This also supports to prevent seepage due to cracks which gets formed over a period of time due to continuous vibration of the earth in the building.

Since its inception in 1989, Hrishikesh has been helping contractors to reduce maintenance costs by extending the life of roadways, car parks.

With its advanced weaving technology Hrishikesh gives you the reliability and reassurance of the India's leading geo textile brand, covering a variety of applications.

Hrishikesh woven geo textiles are strong and durable made from continuous multifilament polypropylene and Polyester High tenacity yarns. Their industry-leading design has created a geo textile that combines high tensile strength with exceptional puncture and bursting strength resistance to give outstanding performance and longevity.

Add to this its exceptional resistance to acids, alkalies, organic compounds and UV. And it's easy to see why it's one of the best-selling geo textiles in use today.

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